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Episode Guides!

Dancing the Horizontal Mambo
When the cranky building super tells Henry all his mother Janice needs is "a good poke", Henry narrows the potential 'pokers' in the building down to shy widower Tom. His plan goes terribly awry, but it forces Janice to reassess her behaviour and her opinion of Tom.

The Tell-Tale Latex
Bobby spends a lot of his time travelling for work, and his new wife Bobbi finds herself doubting his fidelity. Alone and friendless in a new city, her paranoia grows – till she makes a terrible drunken choice that could cost her her marriage...

The Eyes of Grandma Tan
Ricky chooses a karaoke competition over babysitting Grandma, but the potentially serious aftermath lands him in hot water. To make amends, and help treat her glaucoma, he takes her to the resident potheads and discovers that Grandma’s full of surprises.

Fred’s quiet and insular world is thrown into chaos when his ‘Internet girlfriend’ Kelly announces she's moving to Vancouver and wants to stay at his place for a few days. Will these two cyber-lovers be able to negotiate a real-world romance?


Robson Arms airs Fridays at 10pm (in most regions, check local listings). Two episodes are shown back-to-back.
3 & 4 June 24/05
5 & 6 July 1/05
7 & 8 July 8/05
9 & 10 July 15/05
11 & 12 July 22/05
13 July 29/05

On Comedy Network:
Robson Arms will also air Thursdays at 10:30pm ET/PT starting June 23rd.

Watch for our opinions on the episodes coming soon!
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