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Yay, a community-

-a sparsely populated community, but one nonetheless.

I'm a new fan, kind of. I was looking forward to the show but then I sort of got busy. Now I'll be working on The Other Freds and I'll be missing the episodes for the next 3 weeks. I've only caught 1 and 1/2 episodes. Usually at 2 in the morning on The Comedy Network. I did see the part of the one with Haig sutherland and his braying girlfriend. I'm quite happy to see him on the show, I like his work and can't wait to see Hamlet at Bard On The Beach where he'll be performing.

I just thought I'd introduce myself to the other 3 members of the community.

That and do you think the series will be released on DVD?
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Hello and welcome! Hopefully the community will grow more as the show gains some popularity. It's certainly getting great ratings, especially given its timeslot!

I've only seen the first two episodes so far myself. I've missed the back-to-back episodes each Friday night, so I've been trying to catch them Thursdays on the Comedy Network, too.

I'm not sure about a DVD release yet. Most shows seem to release DVDs these days - then again, most of those shows are American, and I'm not sure if they're as keen with Canadian shows. I certainly hope so, though; I would definitely buy it. But given how CTV has shelved it for a year already, and since it'll be difficult to film a second season, I'm not sure what they'll do about a DVD release. I guess we can keep our fingers crossed!